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When Can I Start Drinking Alcohol After Hair Transplant?

When can I start drinking alcohol after hair transplant is a question that many patients ask following the procedure. While it’s normal to want to resume your usual activities as soon as possible, it’s important to take care during the post-operative recovery period to ensure the best possible outcome. In general, most hair transplant surgeons recommend waiting at least 7-10 days before consuming any alcoholic beverages.

When Can I Start Drinking Alcohol After Hair Transplant?

This is because alcohol can cause dehydration and slow down the healing process, potentially leading to complications or adverse outcomes. Additionally, it’s important to avoid smoking or using any other tobacco products during this time, as these can also interfere with the healing process. By taking a cautious approach and following your surgeon’s advice carefully, you can help to ensure that your hair transplant is successful and produces the desired results.

Some behaviors increase the success of hair transplantation both before and after hair transplantation. Perhaps the most important of these is the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and herbal teas. Alcohol consumption is a behavior that should definitely be considered both before and after hair transplantation. As it is recommended by the doctor to stop alcohol intake, it is not only affects the success of the hair transplantation, but also prevents possible complications. Since alcohol affects the respiratory and circulatory functions, alcohol consumption stops or interferes with the functioning of these systems. If we evaluate alcohol consumption in terms of hair transplantation, blood thinners and drugs that make coagulation difficult should be avoided in order to prevent the candidate from bleeding much before hair transplantation. Since alcohol consumption also causes these effects on body functions, alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least 15 days before and after hair transplantation.

It should be noted that the period of 15-days should not be shortened or even extended. The candidate should be aware that the longer he abstains from alcohol, the less complications he will experience. Especially after hair transplantation, it is important to avoid alcohol consumption in order to obtain high efficiency and shorten the recovery period.

Let’s summarize why alcohol consumption is prohibited after hair transplantation.

  • If alcohol is not consumed after hair transplantation, the healing process is shortened as much as possible.
  • The risk of complications during hair transplantation is less.
  • The working principle of the body functions during and after the hair transplant is not affected in any way.

When can I smoke after a hair transplantation?

Smoking before and after hair transplantation has similar effects with alcohol consumption. The difference between smoking and alcohol consumption is that when you smoke a cigarette after hair transplantation, the healing process will be greatly prolonged and the adhesion rate of newly planted hair follicles will decrease. Smoking after hair transplantation can be explained as the inability of the tissues to transmit the oxygen and nutrients they need. Because smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. The fact that the tissues need less oxygen and nutrients than they need, will cause the areas that need to be healed to not heal and less blood to go to those areas, that is, the blood circulation will be impaired. In addition, smoking should be quitted for a while after hair transplantation so that the newly transplanted hair follicles can strengthen and the growth process is not delayed.

When considered the complications that are caused by smoking, smoking should be postponed for at least two weeks after hair transplantation and the highest efficiency to be obtained from hair transplantation should be focused on. If the candidate smokes before the time recommended by the doctor after hair transplantation, the doctor should be contacted without delay and the newly transplanted hair follicles should be checked whether they are damaged. Therefore, the doctor should be informed without worry, if you smoke after the procedure.

Apart from these, the candidate should regularly use the medications which are given by the doctor in order to reduce the possibility of infection after hair transplantation; you should use products with natural ingredients. In order not to disturb the blood circulation, the crusts on the scalp should not be removed, try not to touch it, avoid heavy exercises for at least two weeks and not lie on the recipient area; you must come to control. In general, you should use sunscreen and wear a hat when you go out in the sun. In addition the candidate should stay away from stress and pay attention to getting enough sleep.

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