What is No-Shave Hair Transplant?

No-shave hair transplant is a hair transplant method operated without shaving the front, side and top of the head. In this hair transplant method, only the donor area at the back of the head is shaved. This method is generally preferred by individuals with long hair. The shaved part at the back is covered and camouflaged by the long hair. In this method, hair transplant area marking and planning is done by a hair transplant surgeon.

The procedure is operated with two separate methods as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Transplant (DHI). The suitable method is selected by the surgeon after an assessment and the patient is notified about the selected method.

  • FUE method is applied in one session. A maximum of 4 thousand grafts (hair roots) can be transplanted.
  • In the DHI method, maximum of 3 thousand grafts can be transplanted in one session. 1 to 3 hair roots can grow from a single hair follicle.

Who Should Choose No-Shave Hair Transplant?

  • No-shave hair transplant is one of the most preferred methods. This method is especially preferred by women who don’t want to shave their hair. In general, the following individuals prefer this method the most.
  • Women with hair loss prefer the no-shave hair transplant method.
  • Individuals with less hair on top can have denser hair with a no-shave hair transplant.
  • Individuals who experience partial hair loss due to a disease or accident can have a hair transplant in these areas.
  • Individuals with hair loss on the forehead can have a no-shave hair transplant.
  • Individuals without too much hair loss on the vertex can prefer this method.

How is No-Shave Hair Transplant Operated?

What Are The Differences Between No-Shave Hair Transplant and Shaved Hair Transplant?

  • The no-shave hair transplant method will eliminate the psychological pressure due to social perceptions caused by hair transplants. Also, there is no need to shave or cut the hair in the application area. Therefore, the patients will not experience any change, interruption or limitations in their daily lives.
  • This method will enable women and men who don’t want to give up on their existing hairstyle to keep their style. This caused numerous individuals to choose this method.
  • The operation is visible in other hair transplant methods and there is a bad look. But this look is covered with no-shave hair transplant.
  • In normal hair transplant methods, the hair is shaved or cut. This might be a problem for some individuals. But patients can rapidly go back to their daily lives with the no-shave hair transplant method.
  • Women who want hair transplants don’t have to cut their hair short like men with this method. Therefore, no-shave hair transplant is one step ahead of other hair transplant methods for women.
  • The most important challenge of this method is to spend more time and the need for patience. Therefore, hair transplant clinics don’t prefer this method often. Additionally, no-shave hair transplant prices are higher than other applications due to its challenges.

Can You Differentiate No-Shave Hair Transplant After The Operation?

The crusts will fall 10 days after the hair transplant. The redness will be gone between 30-40 days. If you don’t have too light and thin skin, the hair transplant does not show after 2 weeks. But if you have a very light skin tone, the redness in the hair transplant region might take up to 1-2 months.

There is very little redness after the crusts fall after the 10th day in a no-shave hair transplant.

If the individual has longer hair than 6-7 cm, the donor region will not be visible after the dressing is removed (day 3). The long hair will cover the donor region.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No-Shave Hair Transplant


  • When individuals with long hair have the no-shave hair transplant, the hair transplant will not be visible after 10 days.
  • They can go back to their social and work life in a short time after the hair transplant.
  • More successful results can be achieved than the long hair transplant method.
  • Individuals with long hair don’t need to wait for a long time to grow their hair.


  • The most important point in the no-shave hair transplant is that the success of this method completely depends on the expertise of the surgeon.
  • If the distance between the hair roots isn’t adjusted well, there is the risk to lose other hair as well.
  • The operation duration is longer for the patient. No-shave hair transplant takes longer than other methods.
  • The operating team must be patient and calm.
  • A hygienic environment is important. Post-op infection or complication risks are higher.

No-Shave Hair Transplant Prices

No-shave hair transplant prices change based on the procedure technique. Both FUE and DHI techniques can be used for this hair transplant method. The no-shave hair transplant method requires a lot of care and attention. This procedure must be operated by an expert team. Therefore, no-shave hair transplant prices are higher than other methods.

  • are 20-40% higher than the normal FUE hair transplant method.
  • are 10-30% higher than the normal DHI hair transplant method.

Things to Know Before No-Shave Hair Transplant

There is also shaving in no-shave hair transplants. You need to have the long hair transplant method for not shaving your hair. Since the grafts will be collected from the back of the head which can be covered with long hair, a limited number of grafts are collected. Therefore, a hair transplant can be operated on a limited area. The no-shave hair transplant method isn’t recommended to people with significant hair loss.

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