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Choosing the Right Hairline

Choosing the right hairline shall make a big difference in how you present yourself. Your hairline has significance through the role in framing your face and defining your look. It is one of the first things that people will be noticing about you. At Hermest Hair Clinic, we do understand the importance of finding the perfect hairline suiting your unique features and what we will be creating is the complement regarding your overall appearance.

Choosing the Right Hairline: How It Has An Effect On Your Overall Look

At Hermest Hair Clinic, we are globally known to have specialized in helping our patients find the perfect hairline to suit their unique features and enhance their overall look. Our team of experts will be working with you to identify your face shape, hair type, and other factors to help the determination related to  the ideal hairline style for you. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the very first step towards achieving your perfect hairline with peace in mind.

The First Step – Face Shape and Choosing the Right Hairline

One of the most crucial factors to take into consideration is the time when choosing a hairline suiting your face shape. By means of getting your face shape identified – you are high likely to determine which hairline style will suit you best. To give a brief summary regarding the situation – the three most common face shapes are oval, round, and square respectively.

  • Oval Face Shape

It is generally known that an oval face shape is long, narrow, and balanced. If you are to have an oval face shape, you are to have the advantage of being able to pull off almost any hairline style. However, a hairline that is too severe or blunt might make your face appear longer than it actually is. So, it can be conluded that a natural hairline gradually tapering around your face is to be usually the most flattering choice for those with an oval face shape.

  • Round Face Shape

It is obviously seen that a round face shape is soft, circular, and full. If you are to have a round face shape, you would want to choose a hairline style helping elongate your face and creating the illusion of length. A sharp hairline with clean edges might aid you define your features, while an irregular hairline could add some asymmetry and uniqueness to your look.

  • Square Face Shape

Broadly speaking, a square face shape is angular, defined, and strong. If you are to have a square face shape, you would want to soften your features with a hairline style having a more natural, gradual appearance. A hairline that has too much of a sharp angle may accentuate the angularity of your jawline.

Hair Type and Choosing the Right Hairline

Another notable factor to consider when choosing a hairline shall be your hair type. Different hair types are to require various hairlines to lead the maximum impact. The three most common hair types can be given such as straight, wavy, and curly respectively.

  • Straight Hair Type

If you are to have straight hair, you can have the chance in choosing from a variety of hairline styles. A natural hairline with a slight curve is usually the most flattering choice for those with straight hair. You can also add some edginess to your look with a sharp hairline or soften your features with an irregular hairline.

  • Wavy Hair Type

If you are to have wavy hair, you would want to choose a hairline style that makes a complement with your laid-back, beachy vibe. An irregular, disconnected hairline could give you a unique, effortless appearance, whereas a sharp hairline may help define your features.

  • Curly Hair Type

If you are to have curly hair, you would want to have a choice regarding  a hairline style that enhances your voluminous, bouncy spirals. A natural hairline that gradually tapers down around your face may help elongate your features and create a more balanced look. Additionally, a sharp hairline can work well for those with curly hair, but you shall be careful not to make it too severe, as this can result in detraction from your curls.

Hair Texture, Volume, Length, Color, Density, Hairline Position, Shape, and Width

Some other factors to pay regard to the point in which you are to be choosing the right hairline including hair texture, volume, length, color, density, hairline position, shape, and width. Fine hair may get benefit from a natural hairline helping the creation associated with the illusion of thickness, while thick hair may get benefit from a sharp hairline defining the edges. Shorter hair lengths may be working better with a gradual, natural hairline, while longer hair lengths may get benefit from a sharp, clean hairline.


Q: Does choosing the right hairline really make that much difference in my appearance?

A: Yes! Your hairline is to be one of the most defining features of your overall look, and choosing the right hairline will significantly have impact on your appearance.

Q: What if I am to have multiple face shapes or hair types?

A: Well, it is not uncommon to have a mix of face shapes or hair types. In this case, it’s noteworthy to find a hairline style taking all of your features into consideration and ultimately, this creates a cohesive look.

Q: May I change my hairline once it’s been established?

A: Yes! At Hermest Hair Clinic, we are to be offering a variety of hair restoration treatments that can help reshape and redefine your hairline.

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