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What is The Best Age For Hair Transplant?

What is the best age for hair transplant is a question that many people considering the procedure ask. The ideal age for a hair transplant can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of hair loss and the patient’s overall health. Generally, most hair transplant surgeons recommend waiting until a patient is in their late 20s or older before undergoing the procedure. This is because younger patients may not yet have experienced the full extent of their hair loss, and it’s important to wait until the pattern of baldness has stabilized before transplanting new hair follicles. Additionally, the patient’s overall health and medical history will be taken into consideration when determining the best age for a hair transplant. By working with a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon, you can develop a customized treatment plan that takes into account all of these factors and ensures the best possible outcome.

What is The Best Age For Hair Transplant?

Although people between 20 and 65 years of age mostly prefer hair transplantation, there is no upper age limit for this procedure. The hair loss stages are very important in the hair transplantation. For this reason, the recommended age for hair transplantation is over 35 because it is important to completely stop hair loss in order to get the desired result from hair transplantation. Here, it is related that taking early measures will show results so quickly for treatment and that the patient does not get the desired result because hair loss will continue when early measures are taken. Since hair loss is a process that starts at an early age and continues until advanced ages, the doctor will decide the best time for hair transplantation.

It is important for those who have a noticeable thinning of hair density and scalp rather than age. For people experiencing these complaints, the most effective treatment will be hair transplantation.

Everyone, regardless of male or female, can be good candidates for a hair transplant. Those who have a sufficient number of grafts in the donor area, those whose general health status is not at risk for the operation, and everyone after the age of 21-22 is eligible for hair transplant. Apart from that, people who have chronic diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes, sugar, etc. can be suitable for hair transplantation with the approval of a doctor.

Hair transplantation cannot be performed on people with hepatitis C disease, with HIV-AIDS disease, and with pseudopelade and lichen planus, people who do not have sufficient and high quality hair follicles in the donor area, people who have had unsuccessful hair transplantation more than 3 times and people with serious chronic diseases.

The person who is considering getting hair transplantation can decide whether he is the suitable candidate for hair transplantation by asking himself the following questions.

  1. Have I completed my adolescence? (Physical development for hair transplantation is usually completed at the age of 18-20.)
  2. Do I have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation?
  3. Are there enough and suitable hair follicles in the donor area on my head? (As the patient cannot answer this question on his own, he should go to the one hair transplant center)
  4. Is there a suitable area where hair follicles will be transplanted in the recipient area? (The answer to this question will also be given after the hair analysis.)

Considering these questions, the candidate should go to the hair transplantation center for detailed hair analysis.

What is step-by-step procedure of hair transplant?

  • There are multiple methods in hair transplantation, especially FUE and DHI methods. That’s why the candidate will talk to the doctor and decide on the method of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be performed shaved and unshaved hair transplantation. If shaved hair transplantation is to be performed, the candidate should go to the center with a shaved hair on the day of operation.
  • First of all, the area where the patient’s hair follicles are dense and the recipient area where hair loss are experienced are determined. Then, local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any pain, and hair follicles are started to be harvested.
  • After that, channels are opened in accordance with the angle and direction of the existing hair on the scalp. The important thing here is to set the right angle and direction. But if the best hair transplant center is not chosen, a natural and aesthetically appearance will be seen.
  • A sensitive study should be carried out in order not to lose the vitality of the harvested hair follicles. If the DHI method is preferred, the probability of losing the vitality of the collected hair follicles is lower than other methods.
  • The aim of hair transplantation is to keep the newly planted hair follicles as natural and healthy as the existing hair.
  • Although the price of hair transplantation varies depending on various factors, the candidate should choose the best hair transplantation center.

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