People who are considering getting hair transplantation surgery wonder when they can have the hair dyed after hair transplant.

There is no harm in dyeing the hair after a certain period of time after hair transplantation. The newly transplanted hair is no different from the old existing hair, and after a certain period of time, all the procedures that is applied to the old hair can be done to the new hair.

While some doctors say that it should not to color hair for 1.5-2 months, some doctors extend this period up to 3-4 months after hair transplantation. After the first third month after hair transplantation, all areas except the recipient area can be dyed. The reason for this is the possibility of damaging the newly harvested hair follicles. If the hair will be colored in the third month after transplantation, the recipient area should definitely be protected. While it takes the sixth month for the patient to see the desired result, there is no harm in dyeing all the hair at the end of this period. If the hair grows and the candidate colors the hair, he/she will have the desired appearance.

The Ministry of Health regulates the standards of the hair transplant center in accordance with the hair transplant treatments. It ensures that the areas to be treated and the process materials are sterile. It respects the privacy of the patient and gives information both before and after hair transplantation. It is important that the price of hair transplantation is accessible to everyone.

What are the different types of hair transplants?

FUE is perhaps one of the most performed hair transplant techniques and is considered the modern-day method of advanced hair replacement technology. In this method, hair follicles are extracted one-by-one directly from the donor area. Therefore, no tissue is needed for the graft and the healing process is fast. No stitches or incisions are required. Another advantage of this technique is that it is not only suitable for hair transplantation also for mustache, beard and eyebrow transplantation. If the candidate thinks that a single session isn’t sufficient, he can take a new session a few days later without waiting for a long time. The FUE technique is a technique that allows more hair follicles to be transplanted than other techniques. In addition, there is no pain and loss of sensation after the procedure, as in the FUT technique.

Another technique that has been widely used is the DHI technique. A special implanter pen, also called CHOI-Pen, is used in this technique. The opening of channels and transplanting of harvested grafts are performed together. Thanks to this technique, which minimizes the hair follicles being out of the tissue, a healthier hair transplant is achieved. Thus, the success rate of hair transplantation increases. In this technique, the amount of bleeding is less, and the shorter healing process also reduces the possibility of infection. Since the recovery period is shorter, the candidate adapts to his daily routine more quickly. Unshaven hair transplantation, which is the disadvantage of the FUE technique, is the advantage of the DHI technique. In other words, this technique is suitable for unshaven hair transplantation. This technique can be applied to those who want to stop hair loss as well as those who continue to have hair loss. At the end of the procedure, a natural appearance is obtained as the hair in the recipient area is not damaged. Perhaps the most important disadvantage of the DHI method is that it is more costly than other techniques.

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