Hair transplantation is a micro-surgical procedure, and it is normal for many patients to experience scabs after the operation. Considering that hair transplantation is performed with at least 2500-3000 grafts, many holes or channels are opened in the scalp (because the blood flows to the surface of the scalp from the opened channels and holes and causes crust formation), the scalp became deformed and therefore occurs crusts while healing. After hair transplantation, crusting occurs not only in the donor area, but also in the recipient area. The reason for this is that if the DHI technique is not used in the hair transplantation, each graft in the recipient area means a hole(canal) and causes bleeding, and these bleedings dry out and form a crust. It is a wrong to remove these crusts that occur during hair transplantation by washing them immediately after the operation. The crusts formed due to blood clots may fall out three days after hair transplantation while the hair is washed.

After hair transplantation, scabs occurs directly due to blood clots during the procedure. Removal of scabs starts with first hair wash. It would be more correct to have the first hair wash in the center where the hair transplant was performed. The first wash affects the success of the process as well as removal of scabs quickly and healthily.

In order not to damage the transplanted hair follicles and to get rid of the scabs in a short time after hair transplantation, the following should be considered when washing hair after transplantation.

× Before washing the hair, a large amount of softening lotion should be applied to both the recipient and donor areas and this lotion should be left in your hair for 45 minutes. It should be noted that this lotion contains natural ingredients and is recommended by the doctor.

× In the process until the scabs fall off, a softening cream can be applied in addition to the lotion. The purpose here is to soften the crusts thoroughly.

× It is inconvenient to rub with nails while applying lotion after hair transplantation. The correct way of applying the lotion is by pouring it into the areas where hair transplantation is performed and spreading it to all areas. There is no harm in light movements in order to spread it completely to the hair transplantation area.

× Since the crusts are completely softened 45 minutes after the lotion is applied, the hair is cleaned with lauwarm and non-pressurized water.

× The water should not be very hot, cold and pressurized.

× After the scalp is completely cleaned of the lotion, the shampoo with natural ingredients is foamed in an untreated area of the scalp and delivered to the treated areas. Here again, any rubbing movements should be avoided and the process area should be cleaned with light movements.

× After the hair washing process is completed, with a soft towel can be dried just to remove the wetness. The patient should avoid rubbing the scalp with the towel. It will be sufficient to put the towel on the hair and remove the wetness with light movements.

× In the first hair wash after hair transplantation, all crusts don’t fall out completely. Therefore, the scalp should not be forced.

× Hair transplantation should be performed under sterile conditions and by a good team in the best hair transplantation center.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DHI Technique?

Advantages of DHI technique;

1- First of all, the DHI technique minimizes the process that keeps the hair follicles out of the tissue, as it transplants the hair follicles directly into the channels in the recipient area.

2- The survival time of hair follicles is higher.

3- In hair transplantation with DHI technique, the incision area is less, so the risk of bleeding is also less.

4-  The recovery time is shorter compared to other techniques.

Disadvantages of DHI technique;

1- Hair transplantation which is performed with the DHI technique is a more comprehensive technique. That’s why the specialist and his team should take a special training.

2- It is more expensive than other hair transplantation techniques.

3- Since the recipient area is less than other techniques, the person who will perform the operation should be more careful.

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