Europe’s Award-Winning Hair Transplant Doctor – Dr. Ahmet Murat

Dr. Ahmet Murat

Doctor Ahmet Murat, who made research on the causes in relation with health problems that occur in hair operations, took himself to have expertise in the field associated with cardiology. Dedicating his life to the prevention and timely intervention of these complications, Murat started making studies in the field of cardiology.

There is an undeniable fact that technology is in a drastically uprising nowadays. It has a remarkably impact on everyone willing to get involved in developing innovations. Hair transplant has reached up to a point much mightier than ever before. Despite this innovative uprising, some today have the argument whether to trust in the doctor you are having the operation with or the influence regarding the social media has created on him. Such a debate was never onset before the digial age when technology has made changes on the sectors including medicine.

About Dr. Ahmet Murat

Throughout this progress, many hair transplant specialists being trained in Turkey are to be well known worldwide on the lists regarding the best hair transplant surgeon in terms of application success.

Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat, being the leading one of them, has truly devoted most of his life to hair transplant processes. Ahmet Murat, having a career of full success and a life story having all details to get inspired, has numerous awards on being “the best hair transplant surgeon” as well. Having focused on the possible problems that are high likely to occur through hair transplant, Ahmet Murat has aimed at minimizing the risks during the operation by means of leading his career in medicine.

Although it is extremely rare, it is still possible for some complications to take place during applications. These complications may result in death related to the patient by means of causing severe conditions. Specialist Doctor, who has been aware of this situation from the very beginning when he came across hair transplant applications, started (his) studies to eliminate all of the complications that may occur. With his aim in his direction, he got all the required proficiency by means of improving his profession in medical training.

Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat has proven that there is a cruel element to being attentive and well prepared through hair transplant operations. For him – the best way to encourage innovation shall be based on individual improvement that means to be aware of each point through the process when systemic problems would then be eliminated by the helping of knowledge and experience.

Having been awarded as “the best hair transplant surgeon” Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat has been sharing his experience with doctors by means of providing training for 5 years. In order to have an excellent hair transplant result with natural appearance associated with hairline, a dense hair transplant at the right angle shall be performed. Thus, the needs of each person is to be analyzed properly and the right method for the hair transplant shall be made as a preference.

According to Specialist Doctor Ahmet’s belief, so as to be making an achievement in excellence, doctors ought to be encouraged to discover newer technologies without allowing any risk on human life. Being stubborn in keeping the form regarding the older standarts would only lessen the functionality of the operations regarding hair transplants in which no physical failure should normally be acceptable. Since the hair transplant is to be based on betterment in appearance, Dr Ahmet Murat believes in increasingly adapting the newer technologies so as to be fully getting benefits from the modern conveniences. To utilize development in technology while building the better visuals related to hair transplants, Dr Ahmet Murat concludes that anyone willing to have a better reflection on the mirror of self confidence deserves the full service being built on an excellent and well organized progress regarding a hair transplant.

The Doctor Awarded As “The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon” Started Hair Transplant Applications In 2009

Throughout his successful career, Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat went through many turning points. Murat, being interested in every field regarding medicine and spending most of his daily life routine through trying to gain knowledge and experience about his profession, introduced himself to hair transplantation practices at the beginning associated with his professional career. Murat, who took part in a hair transplant operation for the first time in 2009, kept this beginning in mind while setting goals that would cost him through his whole life.

hair transplant doctor teaching

In the first operation that he participated in, he could notice the deficiencies during the application. With his previous studies and the experience that he gained through this process, he argued that it is never acceptable to have death or some other risks in the hair transplant operation, in which people are to get involved only with aesthetic concerns.

Having the thought that human life and health is to be both more valuable than anything else – Murat was at the point of making a decision that was vital for his (whole) career. It would become an inseparable and indispensable part of his life to eliminate all the complications that may develop during hair transplantation – especially the problems that may be arising due to the heart completely rather than his (own) professional goals.


He Made Researches About The Risks At Hair Transplant Applications

Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat managed to get some important clues while he was working on the complications that were to develop through hair transplantation applications at the first stage of his profession. These clues showed that the drugs being given to the patients at the beginning of the operation caused anaphylaxis on them. Anaphylaxis is to be a high-level reaction in relation with the patient to the factors in the content of drugs and thus serious health problems develop as a result.

doctor ahmet murat surgeon

Anaphylaxis also led to the risk regarding death, especially in patients with high sensitivity to some active substances. Through his detailed examinations, he has always stated that it has vital importance to be able to make the necessary interventions at the time of the incident rather than the examinations made before the operation.

Another finding that Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat obtained through his studies was the complications that were to occur in parallel with the heart health problems being suddenly developed during or following the hair transplant operation. These complications were to cause much more serious health problems. Since it increased the risk regarding death, complications in the heart also made early and timely intervention necessary.

He Aimed At Eliminating The Risks Regarding Hair Transplant By Being A Cardiologist Specialist

Doctor Ahmet Murat, who made research on the causes in relation with health problems that occur in hair operations, took himself to have expertise in the field associated with cardiology. Dedicating his life to the prevention and timely intervention of these complications, Murat started making studies in the field of cardiology.

“A hair transplant specialist who is to be competent and trained in the field of cardiology may eliminate all the possibly vital risks during the operation.”

In this direction, he started his medical education once more so as to specialize in the field of cardiology. He managed to become a cardiologist in 2015. Although it was just considered as a title, the expertise he gained in the field of cardiology meant much more than a title for Murat. Since the day he took part in hair transplant operations for the first time in 2009, he had already determined the competence in the field of cardiology as a necessity.

For Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat, being a specialist cardiologist had vital importance in terms of eliminating the possible risks related to the heart and blood vessels through the hair transplant operations he participated in completely. Accordingly, he would be able to intervene with his expertise in the event of a possible complication being related to heart health in the operations he is to participate in and he would make hair transplantation operations totally safe at the maximum level by means of preventing the aforementioned negativities.

Being able to struggle with concentration for excellence, Dr Ahmet Murat has had the manner in which modernized medicine is to be constructed, allowing no failure to occur throughout the whole process by means of taking the patient under protection.

The Doctor Being Considered As “The King Of Hair Transplant In Turkey”

Throughout his career, Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat has aimed to reach the knowledge and experience that may exceed world standards through hair transplantation applications. He carried out studies so as to ensure the hair transplantation process is to be completed in a simple, reliable and easy way by means of preventing all kinds of complications that may develop before, after and during the operation. Throughout his successful career, he has always set human health as the top priority.

Dr Ahmet Murat suggests that skills would be in decline when one admits the general standards without having a look at the changes on the mirror where there is a reflection of betterment could be seen by means of following the path regarding self improvement. Being able to sign the ultimate success is to be accomplished with digital age’s newer technologies that are not yet to be known.

As an expert getting never tired of moving up the career ladder, Dr Ahmet Murat has been able to assume the title of being “The King of Hair Transplant” in Turkey. This title has a reasonable ground in which Dr Ahmet Murat has made a combination of his own skills to create the desired results without causing or having any medical risks thanks to his being a specialist cardiologist. Today, he has become a reputable doctor being appreciated by the global audience both on the physical media and the society. His main success can be summarized as the settings in which there is no legitimately worrying disadvantage through the progress of leading to a denser and healthier hair with the natural appearance.

The studies he made in this direction, the training he received and thousands of hair transplant operations he participated in enabled him to become one of the most experienced specialists in the field of hair transplant. Meanwhile, he was nicknamed as “The King Of Hair Transplant” in Turkey. Murat, who has gotten involved in thousands of hair transplant applications so far, has been drawing much attention not only in terms of preventing possible complications, but also in terms of the success rate regarding the operation.

The Advancement of The Standard – All In Safety Package™ to the Hair Transplant

Specialist Doctor Ahmet Murat is one of the pioneers of allowing the standard being called as the “All In Safety Package™” aiming at elimination regarding all risks that may occur through hair transplant operations. This standard is to be a norm that has the aim of eliminating all risks that may occur during hair transplantation.

Dr Ahmet Murat is also the pioneer proponent of discovering and learning advance technology with which he is to make great studies – the abovementioned “All In Safety Package™” is a prime example of this. Such way of having devotion leads to greater efficiency and signficance in hair transplant results that are to make an indelible impression. Thus, Dr Ahmet Murat’s career is to be built augustly.

Trying to make an improvement in himself and strengthen his versatile personality in his daily life, regardless of the hair transplant practices, Murat continues to be a source of inspiration for doctors who are to get involved in the hair transplant industry. Murat, who has become the idol of many inexperienced and newly trained specialists in the health sector, is a world-renowned hair transplant specialist as well. Murat, who has performed hair transplantation on many patients especially from Europe, Asia and the USA, is closely following actual developments, technologies and innovations in the health sector.

There is a well known fact that it is a natural human inclination to copy one successful result – this is mostly due to proven potential practical application. However, Dr Ahmet Murat is opposed to this kind of manner since he contemplats that imitation would not go far away from human iborn desire. In such a setting, risks are not to be eliminated because the doctor just follows the general standards concerning medical risks that shall be actually considered. Dr Ahmet Murat has built his career with the power of his precision by means of illustrating and highlighting the required settings to perform the perfect operations of hair transplants.

Up to today – Many have fundamentally known Dr Ahmet Murat for his persistence on having an emphasis through growing and demanding science through his studies while allowing for self expression and his becoming more powerful with knowledge through numerous prospering hair transplant applications he has been performing while resulting in the creation regarding crucial and uplifting truths about hair transplants with any kind of risk .

The last three decades that have passed have been known to witness tremendous advances in technology by bringing a heavier responsibility to make the right choices in the field before and following the hair transplant operations. Dr Ahmet Murat is the leading one who has truly adapted to the developing technology in becoming the master who is to be even recognized by the ones with little imagination since he has totally broken the rules in the existence of medical problems leading to negative impact on the patients.

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